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Curriculum Vitae

- Senior researcher CNRS - INC - Section 15 CNRS (entry to CNRS in CR1: October 2014)
- Responsible for the electronic microscopy and X-ray platform of RS2E
- Responsible for the transversal theme "Development of techniques and methodologies in situ & operando in Imaging and Diffraction" of the LRCS

  Description of research activities


- in situ & Operando Li/Na-ion battery cycling experiences using liquid electrochemical TEM (systems studied : LiFePO4, NVPF, Perovskite, MXenes)

- 3D Electron Diffraction & 4D-STEM ASTAR for studing Li/Na-ion battery materials

- Local structural studies: high resolution by TEM corrected for spherical aberration and simulation of HR images (MactempasX, Dr. Probe, QSTEM)

- 3D/4D X-ray tomography in synchrotron radiation in μCT and nanoCT mode

- Development of electrochemical in situ cells for X-ray tomography.

- Image processing associated with Computed Tomography (CT): reconstruction, segmentation and 3D analysis.

- Image segmentation and IQA using Deep learning approach


  Organized Events & Workshop

- Workshop Protochips, LRCS, Amiens, April 2017, 2 days, 20 external participants “Chemistry in the TEM: new horizins for liquid heating and electrochemistry”
- Workshop Zeiss, LRCS, Amiens, February 2018, 2 days, 15 external participants “Beyond electrochemical analysis, Microscopy techniques for battery research”
- Workshop NanoMegas-Protochips, LRCS, Amiens, April 2019, 3 days, 30 external participants “Electrochemistry in liquid TEM and on Roeintation / phase Mapping in liquid”
- GDR NanoOperando conference, LRCS, Amiens, November 2019, 3 days, 70 external participants

  Professionnal career

- Research Scientist at CNRS in RS2E network and in LRCS lab (Amiens, France, Oct 2014 from now)


- Assistant Researcher (IIT / Argonne National Lab, Chicago, USA, Sept. 2013 - Sept. 2014)
- Postdoctoral DoE (Argonne National Lab, Chicago, USA, Jan. 2010 - Aug. 2013)


- Postdoctoral CNRS (CNRS IPCMS Laboratory, Strasbourg, Sept. 2007 - Sept. 2009)
- Thesis (CNRS Laboratory LM2N, Pierre & Marie Curie University, Paris, Oct. 2003 - Apr. 2007)
- Master in Condensed Matter (University of Lyon, Sept. 2000 - Sept. 2003)


- in situ Liquid-Electrichemical TEM and Gas/Heating TEM
- Advanced HR- (S) TEM & Conventional TEM (SAED, EDX, EELS, HAADF / ABF)


- TXM μCT and nanoCT tomography (in synchrotron radiation), Reconstruction / segmentation / 3D analysis


- Image processing using deep learning algorithm (semantic segmentation/IQA)

  Current projects

- ANR DestiNa-ion_Operando (Porteur) Caractérisations in situ / Operando de matériaux de batteries Na-ion par différents techniques associées à la diffraction électronique  (2020-2023)

- ANR CASSIOPES: (responbale scientifique) Caractérisations AvancéeS in Situ - Operando de micro-batteries 3D tout solide à ions lithium développées en couche mince par ALD (2017-2021)

- ERC Consolidator ARTISTIC (Alejandro Franco)

- Participant in the European project Horizon 2020 NAIADES (Na-Ion bAttery Demonstration for Electric Storage). (Advanced TEM characterizations).

- Participant in the European project Horizon 2020 HELIS (High Energy Lithium Sulfur Cells and Batteries). (Advanced TEM characterizations and TXM nano-CT).

- Participant in the ANR Deli Redox project (Development of High Capacity Li-Rich Layered Oxide Electrodes) led by Jean-Marie Tarascon. (TEM / SEM characterizations).


- Participant in the Picardie WONDERFUL project (thematic and structuring research project) led by Alejandro Franco: Wise Optimization and Deep Enhancement of Redox Flow batteries through UL- age modeling. (micro-fluidic in liquid TEM in situ).

- GDR-CNRS NANOPERANDO (executive office)


- Ph.D. in Nanomaterials Science, University of Pierre & Marie Curie (Paris 6) (2007)
- Masters in Materials Science & Physics (University of Lyon - ENS) (IPNL-ENSLyon) (2003)
- Bachelors in Physical Chemistry (Lyon 1 University) (2001)

  Teaching Experience

- Supervision of PhD student and Postdoc scientists (2014 from now)
- Supervised Postgraduate student (Materials Chemistry), Nano-composite for luminescent solar concentrator devices (DOE program, ArgonneNL, CNM division, 2010-2011).
- TEM/HRTEM training and assisting of users at IPCMS/CNRS Institut (2007-2009).
- Supervised Masters Degree and PhD student (Materials Chemistry): self-assembled of magnetic iron oxide nanocrystals (IPCMS/CNRS institut, 2007-2009).
- Teaching assistant Optical Engineering Course: supervised, intructed, development of lectures, lab tutorials and graded students (ESIEE-Paris Engineering school, 2003-2006): (1) Optical instrument (Enrollment:2x30), (2) Electromagnetism (Enrollment:2x24)

  Honor and Affiliation

- DOE-FY12 equipment awards ($100k) of liquid-cell TEM specimen holder.
- Fellowship from CNRS for Postdoctral appointee at IPCMS/CNRS Institut (2007-2009).
- Affiliation: ACS, MRS, APS, Midwest Microscopy & Microanalysis Society
- Journal referee: JASC, Chemistry of Materials, Nanoscale, ChemComm, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Journal of Materials Science, Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology.

  Scientific animation

- Responsible for the transversal theme of instrumental development in diffraction and imagery.
- Organizer of the thematic meeting on the instrumental development of the LRCS
- Organizer of the young researcher meeting at the biannual of the RS2E network

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